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Making Changes

Updated: Feb 14

If you've been following our social media pages this year, you've seen us struggle through the unbearably hot summer. Last year was rough on our industry in general. However, with all of your support, we did our best to scrape by. As we discuss our plans for the future, we want to start by saying the BIGGEST thank you to all of you. Not only have you supported us by showing up to events, but you’ve cheered us on and been so patient with our slow growth. That’s why we’re so excited to be able to share everything with you all!

What can you expect when you come out? 

As you might’ve seen from our social media or newsletter, our covered patio is finished and it’s beautiful! It’s got a great view of Hutto and the Brushy Creek Amphitheater, and plenty of area for covered seating. While you hang out on the patio, you’ll only be a few steps away from your refill at the indoor/outdoor bar. The container bar will still be in use for service as well. Our outdoor seating area is more level now, perfect for dancing or just hanging out at our next Movie Under the Stars event. There will be more seating around the house with an outdoor lounge area under the existing deck. Our indoor seating will also have a few lounging corners and tables throughout, offering plenty of room to watch the big screen TV located inside. 

It's still messy right now, obviously. The last photo is of where the playset will be set up. This is the leveling-out process.

There is now a fence around the perimeter of the property, as well as around the play area. The play area is being leveled out and will be filled with mulch so the kiddos can play safely. We’ll have a playset and we’ll still use our bounce house for special events. Our goal is to have several areas for kids, big and small, in the fenced space, but just starting out, we’ll have at least one larger playset.

Parking will be greatly improved, though not totally complete, by the time we open. But don’t get discouraged! We will continually be working on it until it’s perfect. The parking areas will be lit up and more level, and will have guides and signs so there’s no confusion on where to park. Hallelujah, amiright?! 

Lastly, we will have more than one of our own beers to offer! WOO!!! We’re working on having 5 core beers on tap at all times, which are the first five you will be introduced to. Many of you have already met our very special Tangerine King. We’re currently working on our Blonde Betty, 8-Second Amber, Hazy Daisy and Lola VonLager. Throughout the course of the year, you will also be able to sample some of our seasonals, which we will announce at a later date. This is the area we’re most excited about — finally being able to show you what we can do. 

What remains the same?

You’ll see quite a transformation upon your next visit, but you’ll also notice some things that are the same. Mainly, our existing deck will still need to be reinforced and our deck facing the amphitheater will still need to be built out. These things will be worked on throughout the year, as well as parking. 

What about food?

We’re foodies, and we don’t want to offer you drinks without something delicious to pair them with! We are working to have one or two local trucks to be semi permanent on-site for the time being. Ultimately, our goal is to introduce you to our chef and our personal brand (eventually!)

How did we finally get here?

We would be remiss if we didn’t introduce you to our new partners! It was no secret that we were searching, and we got very lucky meeting Sonya and Eli. With industry experience and a wealth of knowledge, Eli has always wanted to have his own spot. Upon meeting, we all instantly clicked and the more we chatted, we knew that we would work well together. They saw all the potential that we saw in the space and loved our ideas for improvement (they also loved the King…but who doesn’t?) The more we spoke, the more we saw how our values aligned and they both offered such great insight, it became a done deal. They have been invaluable to this process and we couldn’t be more grateful that they have joined us.

Now what?

Now we drink and enjoy each other’s company and the new space! We work toward being a gathering space for everyone in the community, and toward giving back to the community for being so supportive of us. We will have a slew of events, some niche (like our Emo Night) and some for everyone (like Trivia Night or Karaoke!) We’ll have movie nights, market days, crawfish boils, and so much more. 

Do you want to rent the space for an event? We’ll be ready for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and more. Just want to rent the patio for a smaller event? Or a deck? We can arrange that as well. 

That said, we hope you’re ready! We will host a soft opening event on March 17, our first crawfish boil of the year, with the Gumbeaux Man, and are planning to have our grand reopening House Party on March 23. We’ve already got a lot of fun events in the works for this year (looking at you Emo Night!) Sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out, or follow our socials to stay up-to-date!

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My name is David Gauthier, and I am part of a 6-piece hard rock & classic metal cover band called “MARS”….which stands for “Middle Aged Rock Stars.”

We have been around for a couple of years, and have played several venues up - mostly up north… In the Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Cedar Park, Anderson Mill area. We've played at Whitestone Brewery a couple of times, and Barrow Brewing in Salado is having us Oct 18. We'd LOVE to rock the stage at Rockabilly Brewing, if you have one! 

Here is our Facebook page: 

Anderson Mill Pub can attest that we bring a great crowd. We're playing there again Aug 9, if you'd like to come check us out.


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