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Opening weekend!

We have officially been open for a whole month! It’s hard to believe that we’re here after years of hard work, so many disappointments and some wins along the way.

The week leading up to our opening was a madhouse. We weren’t sure we’d be ready come Friday. Veteran Lawn Care & Landscaping did an amazing job cleaning up the property and leveling out spaces, and So Fresh and So Clean Landscaping came in a pinch (literally, same day service…those guys are awesome) and cleared out a small parking area for us the following week. As many of you saw, we didn’t have parking that weekend, but Soma Valet came in from Houston to save the day! They were careful, professional and kind. So happy to have them out! We also had a slew of friends and community members come and help us set up the space. It’s been humbling having people we don’t even know come out and offer their services and time to help us get off the ground and begin to thrive. We will never be able to thank you all enough for showing us so much love, right from the beginning.

Our official opening was March 3-5 and it was a lively weekend! We started with a low-key, soft opening for friends and family with Redfin serving up some delicious food, and followed it with a huge, public celebration on Saturday. We had Dulce Frida ATX and the Schnitzel Wagon filling bellies on Saturday and a bounce house provided by Reed’s Party Rentals (the best in the game!) We were so much busier than any of us anticipated and it was the best welcome we could’ve asked for from the community. Sunday Brunch had a much more chill vibe but it was still a good time and Taco Boss kept everyone happy! We had live music all weekend with Josh Klause, DJ StuntmanFerg, DJ B_Flo and Brian Wolff. There were so many families enjoying the beautiful weekend and we were so happy to be a part of that.

It was the PERFECT opening. We could not have asked for a better crowd to usher us into this next phase. We can’t wait to show you all what we’re going to do with this amazing space. So stay tuned and be patient, we’re working hard to make great beer, and making the space inclusive and incredible for everyone!

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