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Dear Donor: Our Crowdfunding Mission

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Dear donor,

Our intention when we first began this journey was to quietly take our small business loan and open our cool little container bar (think The Tiniest Bar in Texas.) Then we would work toward renovating the house on the property with those profits to make this our dream microbrewery fit for everyone. Our original goal was to open in April, but issues with our shipping container and with the water company set us back a total of five months now, going on six. While we are waiting, not only are we still paying rent and a loan payment, but during this time, the cost of materials has gone up due to inflation, and the road that is required by the fire department has ended up costing us a quarter more than our original quote. When we budgeted out our loan, that is far from the number we were quoted, and greatly exceeds any funds we had for emergencies. These delays and inflation rates are what brings us here today.

We’ve worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality for the last nine years and put everything we could into it. We have saved every penny we could to make this happen, so to be in this position and to ask for your help is not something we take lightly.

From the beginning, we have wanted this microbrewery to not only be for us, but for you as well. To be a place where you could come with or without your family to get away from a long day of work, or being stuck at home with nothing to do. We want to be your neighborhood place to meet a friend for a drink, or to enjoy a concert comfortably when the amphitheater is bumping. We want to serve you a cold glass of relaxation that makes you say, “Ahh….damn, that’s a good beer.” We want to tickle your tastebuds with new flavors that make you think, “How did they make it taste like that?!” We want to be a place where you can support local artisans and take advantage of a cool little event, like a Halloween Carnival or a Monday Market.

Our mission is to be a place not only for the community to escape to, but that gives back to the community during highs and lows, with charitable events that cater to helping in various ways. Your donation will help us in the future to clear teacher’s lists, award scholarships to local students, put together food baskets for local families in need, and so much more. We want to be your neighborhood watering hole, but also to be like family.

The point of this letter to you is to reassure you that your donation, no matter the size, matters. Your donation will carry weight with us for years to come. This letter is to let you know of our intention and while it may not all happen immediately, your donation with us will go toward a greater good for the community.

Despite all these words, we could never thank you enough for donating to our dream. We hope to make you proud!

With all the love and gratitude,

Brandi and Jimmy Calhoun

Rockabilly Brewing

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